about dan rubinstein

Artist Dan Rubinstein has exhibited in New York, Chicago, France, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, and had an ongoing yearly exhibition in Gstaad throughout the Yehudi Menuhin Music Festival.

Today he creates illustrated wedding contracts, family trees, stained-glass windows for private homes and institutions, and lectures about his art in general and about his inspiration in Kabbalah.

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The experience to work with Dan on our Ketubah and the transition from us being two individuals with our own story to become a married entity, was transformative. The way Dan was introducing us in picture with our past, and surrounding it with color, images and symbolism is amazing. Every day we look at it, and it brings us joy and inspiration!

E & J


“It was an unbelievable experience to work on our Wedding-Contract “Ketubah” with Dan Rubinstein. Every meeting and discussion about the progress was an inspiration to both of us.”

G & M

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